With the goal of overhauling and modernizing an aging turbine repair center, LEAN experts at Chromalloy’s Dallas, Texas, facility designed a new factory layout and will complete the full transformation early next month. The result will be a retooled 53,000-square-foot component repair center with increased capacity on commercial aerospace work lines.

Tim Ulles, General Manager, said, “The transformation at Dallas has been a collaborative process both internally and with our customers. We solicited input prior to the redevelopment of the factory to ensure its success. Utilizing LEAN tools, including Kaizen events, the goal was to modernize and improve the work flow, performance and quality metrics.”

Activities that occurred prior to the plant teardown included work flow and process mapping. Several plant layouts were designed and evaluated before a single layout was developed for the PW4000, V2500, PT6, RB211 and other product lines.

“The result has been very positive,” Ulles said. “The new facility layout and LEAN implementation has already measurably improved operational performance – and we expect more improvement in the future.”

The facility provides advanced repairs on components including High Pressure Compressor blades and vanes, gas generator cases and compressor stators.

Customers include turbine engine original equipment manufacturers, engine overhaul shops and major airlines.